Trailer Tracking

Trailer Tracking from Brussard and our Partner Signal Trac...

Helping customers to end the expense and workload of finding lost or stolen trailers Brussard is proud to offer a top-notch trailer tracking system with our partner SignalTrac of Langhorne, PA. SignalTrac has over 10 years of experience in provisioning and supporting hardware solutions used in tracking trailers across the world. Our partnership with SignalTrac has enabled our clients who track both tractors and trailers to do so in the same application. This eliminates the need for 2 separate tracking systems. Our ability to fit multiple GPS tracking form factors into the same application allows you to track your vehicles, trailers, refrigerated units and heavy equipment all on the same screen. The Trailer Location Unit offers the following features...

+ A highly integrated, all-in-one asset tracking device including: GPS receiver, satellite transmitter, integral
battery, integral antennas packaged in a rugged enclosure

+ Battery life provides 5+ years of twice daily location reports
+ Compact enclosure designed to attach easily, with either screws or auto-body grade adhesive, to the top of a
cargo container, railcar, trailer or other asset
+ Rugged design provides years of outside service in automotive and rail applications
+ Dynamic and powerful feature set allows for easy set & forget configuration
+ GeoFencing and Motion Sensor activation available