Electronic Driver Logs

A Long Haul Driver’s Best Friend...

TheBrussard HOS Electronic Driver Log System enables long haul truck drivers to complete their “hours of service” log entries quickly and easily with just a few keystrokes. Using a mobile data terminal located in the cab a driver may easily change status designations while the system automatically time stamps and records the location. The system eliminates the need for paper log books and makes the manual administration and documentation of these records a thing of the past. Eliminate the guesswork of gauging driver DOT compliance and reduce payroll costs associated with managing these records. The Brussard HOS Electronic Driver Log System offers...

+ Real-Time, web-based data
+ Reduced driver time spent filling out logs
+ Sharp reductions in man hours spent processing, archiving and retrieving saved log data

+ Easy-to-read driver logs detail status change location and current compliance status
+ Track trucks and use reports, alerts and maintenance planning to improve fleet management systems
+ Increased productivity and profitability
+ Higher levels of compliance result in less DOT fines