Data Exchange

Seamless Integration with Your Third Party Software

Our application development teams are experts at building GPS data exchange and file transfer programs needed to enable the transmission of location based data to your company’s 3rd party software applications. Our servers use proprietary redundant back-up systems along with secure transfer protocols to make sure your data is protected and delivered securely. Our GPS driven location data can give a software development expert the tools needed to greatly enhance existing corporate legacy systems or those used for dispatch, appointment tracking and/or mobile workforce management. Our flagship GPS Tracking device, the SmartAntenna, is the flashpoint from where this data transfer activity begins. Then, after transmission over a wireless network, the data is delivered to our servers - where it is sorted and cataloged and then sent, via a specified file format, to the client server for dissemination into the designated 3rd party application. We can also use multiple file formats for data transfer such as XML, FTP and Web Services so that we may satisfy your file sharing requirements.