Finally a system designed with the driver in mind. By being in the field, seeing the daily struggles encountered by loaders and un-loaders of refrigerated product while attempting to do all the right things to maintain the proper temp in the trucks and trailers we saw a need for a new system for the drivers, one that needed to be heavy duty for the abuse which the system would encounter in such a harsh environment and easy to use with a fast return on investment. Bottom line: it needed to be user friendly and properly maintain temp thru-out the delivery day and not be a maintenance nightmare.

The SmartSlider System

►Reduces Energy Costs
►Reduces Product Damage Costs
►Has Higher Driver Acceptance
►Lowers Workers’ Comp Insurance


We accomplished user friendly by giving the driver the ability to very easily, after his first deliveries, slide a pvc strip door from the rear of the truck forward to the load, closing the space required to heat or cool, making it safer to operate in space provided and reduce the wind load on the pvc strip door allowing for better system performance. 

We accomplished maintain temp by creating a pvc strip door suspension system which eliminates heavy pad lifting. Drivers are stating our system is “magical”. Given the proper tools we prove drivers can maintain temp thru-out the day. Customers can sense it with our SmartCombo. Savings on compressor run time are substantial and the slider can save 5 to 10 gallons of diesel a day easily.

We accomplished not being a maintenance nightmare by building a rugged reliable low headroom design. We incorporate bi-part slide doors in order that loaders can load and unload quickly without having to pass thru curtains potentially knocking boxes off etc. By incorporating these options for all involved makes the Brussard SmartSlider System   maintenance free.