Allows for Easy Monitoring of Your Mobile Refrigerated Assets

Our SmartCombo application is designed to display critical data with regard to mobile refrigerated compartments on trucks and trailers. The SmartCombo coupled with the Perigee reporting application gives the user the ability to see running temperature readings with alerts to notify personnel of any potential problems with regard to the refrigeration status of a vehicle's cargo. Implementation of the system is of critical importance in the food & beverage industries to reduce the incidence of damaged perishables due to changes in refrigeration conditions. The Brussard SmartCombo refrigerated transport temperature monitoring system can provide fast ROI with regard to saved shipments of perishable goods. The system offers the following features...


+ Provides consistent & accurate temperature readings
+ Temperatures are viewable in activity reports
+ Set alerts for High/Low threshold breaches
+ Device may be installed outside for use in refrigerated trailers


Saving just one shipment of perishables from loss due to rising temperatures can pay for the system. Call us today for more information on protecting your refrigerated fleet.

Brussard SmartSlider System