The SmartCombo installed in your refrigerated fleet, will take temperature samplings every 2 minutes and post them in the activity report in the Perigee fleet management application.

These readings are displayed with other information for each specific two minute update.

We are delivering the SmartCombo to your desktop so you can deliver quality products to your valued customers on-time with reduced energy costs, reduced product damage, higher driver acceptance, lower workers’ comp insurance for a fast return on investment.

Smart Savings

By purchasing our SmartCombo you'll be able to log in to our Perigee software application.....

The SmartAntenna serial cable interface, for refrigerated trucks, makes connecting to peripheral devices extremely easy. SmartAntenna can be your mobile data conduit for all types of information transmitted to and from your mobile assets.

The DuraTrac system, for refrigerated trailers, simplifies the process of tracking your heavy equipment and maintaining these assets remotely. Now you can easily keep track of your mobile equipment located at jobsites and set geofences to notify you by text message or email if the asset is moved without authorization.

Track temperatures in your refrigerated trucks/trailers and receive alerts when temps rise or fall between user-defined parameters. Our  temperature SmartProbe is small and easy to install. This platform greatly reduces the likelihood of lost shipments due to unknown temperature fluctuations. The probe easily connects to our SmartAntenna or DuraTrac and allows for immediate mobile tracking of refrigerated units.

and keep your Cool along with some Green when utilizing your New Patented Revolutionary Brussard SmartSlider System.... 

The SmartSlider System used properly maintains your temp while the back door is open. No more heating or cooling empty space, wasting valuable diesel fuel, as you unload during the day.Superior energy savings and performance occur when the door can be slid inside the body of the truck shielded from the outside wind. SmartCombo = SmartPurchase.