About BA

Brussard Associates, Inc. has been selling Material Handling Equipment since 1994. We design and install custom solutions for our clients.

We realized the refrigerated transport industry was having a hard time maintaining truck and trailer temp on the hot days. We had been installing numerous truck curtains at the rear of the trucks and trailers and soon questioned why these curtains weren't moveable? Most trucks we saw in the market were carrying less than a truckload. We figured by reducing the space they heat/cool, they could save money, their equipment would no doubt run better and drivers could maneuver better in their space provided. So we developed a  moveable pvc strip door suspension system. By sliding the curtain from the rear of the truck forward we noticed improved safety and performance. Hence, in 2008, BAI was issued the US patent for the Revolutionary Patented Brussard SmartSlider System. In conjuction with GPS tracking, we can now track and maintain temperatures better than anyone. Our clients are saving money and it is mainly due to maintaining the “Cold Chain”. We see the future bright with savings. We can sense it!

Our mission is to aid carriers of time sensitive food products in their efforts to meet new requirements stemming from the Food Modernization Safety Act. This is the first time FDA has proposed comprehensive rules related to transportation so the proposed changes impose significant new requirements for food retailers. To name a few, these include adequate temperature controls and the separation of food from non-food items in the same load. Our SmartCombo system does both.