Brussard Associates

Your customers are demanding more proof that their products have been delivered safe and more importantly, at temp. They are getting smarter and they understand maintaining the products “Cold Chain” of proper refrigeration, from your warehouse to them is vital.

We are the first to provide the SmartSolution to your old problems of not maintaining temp or having equipment brake-downs and products refused which always costs you money. We know the customer is getting smarter... with the SmartCombo reassure them, you are too.

The SmartCombo

Don't Be Senseless...


The SmartCombo system utilizes the Perigee fleet management application complete with a Patented Slide Door System. By combining a SmartAntenna or DuraTrac, a SmartProbe and most importantly a SmartSlider the owner/operator now has the tools required to keep and track the temp to satisfy customer requests for proof their orders are being handled safely and at temp. The revolutionary SmartSlider maintains your temp while the back door is open. What is really cool is it slides the length of the truck allowing you to heat or cool only the space required. No more heating or cooling empty space as you unload during the day. Don’t be senseless!